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Cafe Sabah is a Turkish restaurant that emanates a welcoming ambiance, showcasing the affection of its clientele, the artistic ingenuity in its decor, and the sheer joy of its patrons. This establishment is proudly owned by a female entrepreneur, who founded it with the intention of sharing her adoration for Turkish cuisine with others.

The menu at Cafe Sabah offers a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes, meticulously prepared using only the freshest ingredients and premium spices. Each dish is elegantly presented on exquisite china plates and accompanied by high-quality silverware. The menu not only includes traditional Turkish delicacies but also introduces innovative creations inspired by flavors from around the world.


Our commitment lies in delivering delicious and nutritious Turkish cuisine to our customers. We strongly advocate for the use of only the freshest ingredients, and this is reflected in our sourcing practices. We take pride in obtaining all our ingredients from local farmers and purveyors. Our meats consist of the highest quality Halal cuts of beef, lamb, and chicken, complemented by fresh-sourced seafood.
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Ready to say we had the best Turkish food in Seattle area. Every dish you ordered was absolutely amazing and the portions are huge! I like the interior and vibe – feels so right. I was surprised that the restaurant wasn’t crowded, because I believe it deserves a huge popularity. The service is great too: fast and friendly. I will definitely return and enjoy the rest of the meny at this hidden gem.

Anna Solodova

Absolutely the best restaurant in Washington State. We pretty much love everything on the menu but I will have to admit that the Lahmacum is on top of our preference. We love this place and looking forward to go back.

The Nom Nom Stop

The cleanest and authentic Turkish restaurant I have ever been to. Even though I am not from the Middle East, I can see a strong sense of community between the staff, the store owner, and their Middle Eastern customers!!

Great portions, no fuss, not greasy, and 100% Halal. Will come again no matter how far the drive is.

Meini Parnes
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About us

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