A restaurant is a place where we can feel the warmth of the people who surround us, the creativity that is on display, and the joy that radiates from our guests. And “Cafe Sabah” is one of those places.

The “Cafe Sabah” restaurant is a women-owned business. It was founded by a woman who wanted to share her love for Turkish food with others.

The menu at Cafe Sabah includes a wide variety of dishes that are prepared using fresh ingredients and top-quality spices. The food is served on fine china plates and silverware. It includes traditional Turkish dishes as well as new creations that are inspired by the tastes of other countries.


The value is to provide our customers with Turkish cuisine that is tasty and healthy. We believe that food should be prepared using only the freshest ingredients, which is why we take pride in sourcing all of the ingredients that we use from local farmers and purveyors. The meats are made up of the finest Halal cuts of beef, lamb, and chicken as well as fresh-sourced seafood.

falafel plate mediterranean cuisine

Awesome restaurant! Finally found a really nice Turkish. We ordered lamb chops and Adana kabob. Both dishes were super delicious. We also ordered kunafa and it was fantastic. Only complain I have that there is staunch smell near the counter. Hope the owner will be cautious about that. Definitely will visit the place again.

MD Yasser Karim

One of the most delicious home cooked Turkish food restaurants I have ever tried! You can tell they have fresh ingredients and everything tastes authentic. So far my husband and I did a take out and we cannot wait to be back for more. It’s really hard to find a place that makes good lahmacun (which is almost like a Turkish pizza) and the one they make is the best one I ate in our state so far! My husband is from Turkey and he agreed with me that their food is like the one from home. You must try them

Polina Shevchenko

I’ve never eaten Turkish food before and decided to go all out with the Mix Grill Kebob – and it was absolutely outstanding! Everything was so full of robust flavor! And the prices overall were much lower than I would have expected for such high-quality food – and the quantity was such that I took leftovers home and got two more meals out of it! The owners even came to my table and told me about how they prepare all the food fresh every day. It’s so authentic that our waiter’s English wasn’t great – but ultimately, that’s a plus for the restaurant. I look forward to going again and will tell my friends. This place should be packed as the word gets out!

Kent Hendricks